Libpgen is a library for packet analysis. You can easily enjoy generating, analyzing, sending and receiving packets. If you are not familiar with packet analysis, libpgen offers you easy interface to operate packets. We wish that user can program many scripts easily.

We support Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP protocols at 26 OCT 2015. We will continue to add new protocols and new functions ever. Users can extend new protocol easily. We aim developing library that is extensible to support new protocols. Please contribute this project.



Latest Release

  • version: 1.0  (10/Dec/2015)
    • Next version, it will
      • support pcap-NG file format
      • available on cygwin on windows.
      • more extensible



Please see the documentation page.

Documentation: libpgen


Source Code

We managed source codes in GitHub. Please contribute.

GitHub: libpgen



This library is developed by slank(slank.dev@gmail.com)

If you like this library or interested in it, please access me. You can contribute this project easily.

Developer Site: slank develop network

Twitter: slankdev

Github: slankdev


libpgen and Me

At first, thank you to visit out project-site. I have developed libpgen since 2015’s spring. Initially this library is only thing simple ARP send program. While I continue to add new functions, I am happy more and want to make general packet operation library. Adding a new function and supporting new protocols is very interesting and it is my life-work. I can study many network protocols while developing it.

This project is made up with a lot of helps and advices. Special thanks: Teachers and Members of IPA Security Camp 2015 and Cybozu lab-youth.




This library is developed under the GNU Public License version 2.0.  In any problem, we can not bear the responsibility about the accident that is caused with this library. Thank you for your self-responsibility.


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