Support OS

LibPGEN runs on Linux and BSD, of course also OSX. We have been tested in Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04 LTS, Arch Linux, Linux Mint 17.1 and OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. We don’t have been tested other Linux distributions and BSD, but maybe available.  

Required Knowledge

It needs basic C/C++’s grammar and basic knowledge of protocols. If you understood basic of ICMP , you can program ping command easily with this library.  

Sample Codes

These are sample programs coded with LibPGEN.


Basic Packet Capture


Structure of PGEN

LibPGEN has 3 big components, PGEN-IO, PGEN-Core and PGEN-Module.


PGEN-IO has many function that is used for IO to network interface, pcap files etc. It absorbs the difference of each OS. PGEN-Core is the most important component of LibPGEN. Is has packet-class and address-class that give users easy interface operation them. PGEN-Module has some functions and classes coded with LibPGEN. For example, pgen_arptbl is virtual ARP Table coded with pgen_arp class and, PGEN-IO’s functions. Users can add new modules to PGEN-Module easily.  

More Documentation

Please refer to the following. You will get the more information.

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